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Rent your home on Kubuh

How it works

List your space

Take a few minutes to create your profile and to list your house or your apartment. Your home is unique. Show it off! Let the Kubuh community know what makes your home so special and what it can offer to all of them. 

Send and receive inquires

It’s easy: browse listings for homes and locations you love, and use our simple chat system to get in touch with other members. 

Arrange your home swap

Send inquires and check out inquiries sent to you from Members thanks to our chat system, and when you are ready, simply arrange your home swap.

Enjoy travelling

Save thousands on accomodations and enjoy your vacation in a more authentic way. Just like a local.

List your home

Home Swap on Kubuh

How it works

Add you property easily

In just a few easy steps, you can list for rent your entire home or a single room on Kubuh. Add some nice photos and your property address. Set the full details of your listing, including the price and your own house rules. It is easy!

Manage your reservation requests

Get ready to receive reservation requests! It's completely up to you which guests you accept, and which requests you decline. Before accepting a guest's request you can check out their profile and reviews, or contact them via our chat.

Welcome your guest

Before your guest arrives, make sure your place is clean and tidy, and you’ve provided your guest with clean towels and bedding. They should be greeted in person. This way, you can hand over the keys, show them your place and explain the house rules. They will also thank you your advices about things they can do and see in your area.

Receive your payment

We take care of all payment online, so don’t worry about anything. We will automatically transfer your payment to your account 24 hours after your guest arrive.

List your home

It's very easy and free!

A house, an apartment, a boat or a nice guest room. List them for seasonal rental or for home exchange on Kubuh.

Watch the video

Forget expensive and impersonal hotels and start to live your travels.

Earn money by renting your space or travel for free by home swap.